Region Rivierenland

The region of Rivierenland (Gelderland) is home to Logistic Hotspot Rivierenland. We’re  situated in the heart of the Netherlands, which makes the region very attractive. The presence of three different ways to transport freight: the A2 and A15 (highway), the Waal river, and the Betuweroute (railway). The container terminal in Tiel provides storage of containers, handling through a temporal crane, so the way of transporting can be changed.

The A15 links the port of Rotterdam to Germany and runs to the region Rivierenland. The A2 links Amsterdam to the South of the Netherlands, Maastricht. Both highways offer an efficient way of transporting freight to Germany or Belgium/France. Region Rivierenland is situated right behind the port of Rotterdam and is not affected by the heavy road traffic in Rotterdam and Amsterdam area.

The Betuweroute is a double track freight railway from Rotterdam to Germany. The Betuweroute passes the region Rivierenland and the Betuwe. At this moment, Logistic Hotspot Rivierenland is looking for possibilities of opening up the railway to the logistic hotspot of Rivierenland.

Since January 2013, the container terminal CTU Rivierenland bv is opened at the business park Medel in Tiel. The transhipment is op carried out by a mobile crane, but there will be a portal crane in December 2013.