Thinking forward with the region

To stimulate the regional business as much as possible, LHR created a platform for ideas to become real.

The following plans are put into practice:

  • Realisation of an administrative airport, so airfreight can be transported directly to Rivierenland and doesn’t have to wait till the administrative part is done in Schiphol.
  • Optimisation of the level of facilities to stay qualitative and hypermodern. Now existing of logistics providers, transporters, port, accountants, other service providers and the existing business.
  • Increase of innovations for the Logistic Hotspot Rivierenland through collaboration between companies, repositories of knowledge and education.
  • Research into the possibilities of expansion of the existing container terminal.
  • Realisation of multimodality, by creating a rail terminal to provide quick transfer of freight.
  • Provision of One-Stop-Shopping. Logistic Hotspot Rivierenland provides companies willing to settle in Rivierenland a warm welcome: great support to settle easy and quick.