Why LHR?

Logistic Hotspot Rivierenland is a cooperation between 11 cities in the region Rivierenland, entrepeneurs, education sector, Chamber of Commerce, VNO-NCW and the provence of Gelderland.

The region of Rivierenland (Gelderland) is home to Logistic Hotspot Rivierenland. We’re  situated in the heart of the Netherlands, which makes the region very attractive. The presence of three different ways to transport freight: the A2 and A15 (highway), the Waal river, and the Betuweroute (railway).

Why invest in Logistic Hotspot Rivierenland? Beneath, you’ll find the list of benefits for moving to the region:

The Netherlands
+ Gateway to Europe
+ Fiscal climate

Region Rivierenland
+ presence of the Waal river, A2, A15 & Betuweroute
+ Affordable prices for location
+ Very accessible

+ administrative airport
+ enough space for settlement
+ Container terminal
+ One-stop-shopping
+ Spoorterminal

Kennis & personeel
+ Presence of logistics knowledge
+ highly educated people
+ hiring employees easy and efficiently
+ great cooperation between LHR and the port of Rotterdam