Welcome to the Logistic Hotspot Rivierenland’s official web site. Logistic Hotspot Rivierenland (LHR) is a cooperation between 11 cities in the region Rivierenland, entrepeneurs, education sector, Chamber of Commerce, VNO-NCW and the provence of Gelderland. The aim of this cooperation is further development of the logistics sector in the region Rivierenland. To achieve this aim, we’ve specified the aim in two key messages:

–       Strengthening of the regional business based on the logistics qualities.
–       Attracting international business to the region that will increase the employment.

What to find on this website?
This website will provide you with information about settling and innovating in the Agro-logistics sector of the region Rivierenland. We will tell you more about the Logistic Hotspot Rivierenland and how you can reap the benefits of this cooperation. Do you want to be informed of developments of LHR? Go to the news section.