The Logistic Hotspot Rivers country is a partnership between local businesses and municipalities in the province of Gelderland. Traditionally this specific region of our country, The Netherlands, is home to the agro- and food industry. The last decades the region extended it’s portfolio in Health and Food Valley.



The project team of the international development of the region is formed by Mr. Jan F. Looman and Drs. Peter Smaal. Jan Looman has a long standing experience in the logistics field and international trade. He used to be The No1 entrepeneur in the Province of Gelderland. Jan is (co)founder of a number of companies and can be called a ‘serial entrepreneur’.

Email Jan at:
phone: +31 (0)6 21 80 71 53


Peter is very experienced in developing areas from a greenfield into a (infra)structured landscape. He has done several economic spatial develoments. One example is the development of the Food Technology Park Brainport in the regional Eindhoven, the south of Holland and in 2011 declared as Intelligent Community of the Year 2011. The development is a cooperation between public en private partners. Within two years the exploitation of the first 5000 m2 has been started. In the area of the logistic hotspot Rivierenland he’s been working for more than 10 years as a consultant. He has a great network in the public en private sectors in the region.

Email Peter Smaal  at:
Phone: +31 (0)6 55 19 41 96